Welcome of the WFKSU – World Federation Kenpo Styles Uniti, was born with the idea of gathering under a single abbreviation first of all the Kenpo’s styles of the last fifty years, without any distinction, both of Chinese and Japanese origins, both those of the Okinawa’s Island and those of Korean origins, both those coming from the west and the east, the traditional and ancient ones and the new ones coming from the changes that have been introduced in the ancient styles. Many styles derive from both Chinese and Japanese styles or from a martial arts’ mix, others derive from the great work of excellent masters who have created their own personal style with particular influences and characteristics, only after a long period of hard studies and practice. It is important to underline that all styles are equally valid, there is no better or worse style, when they follow the aims and the phylosophy of Martial Arts and Budo, and when they are useful in order to reach a superior objective. So there is no difference among the different styles and martial arts, because everyone of us has always something to learn. The WFKSU is a free and democratic federation, it is opened to everybody, masters and martial arts’athletes; it can be considered as a multi-style federation that allows adhesions to members of other disciplines and styles. The aim The WFKSU’s aim is that of gathering different styles and methods without interfering with the management of the single school, or style, it doesn’t want to change your own personal method or style, or interfering with your school programs; people who adere have to continue to practice their style and method for their personal growth. The WFKSU wants to create a wider and wider network of exchange of ideas and themes, through several activities, for example meetings with different realities, in order to allow master to give demonstrations or lessons to the atlete freely. When you adhere to the WFKSU, you become member of a Martial Arts’ Federation that is present all over the world, the Federation will work in order to promote and practice each particular style.

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